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Health and Human Rights


Health is described as the absence of any form of illness, be it mental or physical. According to the World Health Organization, every individual in the world has the right to enjoy the highest possible level of health. This planet needs someone who can take care of all health problems and make sure that there is a healthy environment everywhere. That is why every union of countries started their own conventions and presently, every country has at least one if not more treaty that addresses right to health as a human right.

In today’s scenario, where work like has become hectic, and one suffers from hours of stress and is compelled to become a victim of depression, it is really important to keep healthy which provide peace of mind, relax one and motivates oneself. Under the basic human right to health, various elements are present such as proper shelter, adequate drinking water, balanced nutrition and good sanitation facilities.

They say that a person without a healthy body and healthy mind is of not much use. Therefore, it is very necessary to make sure that people receive rights which are granted by the government and pertain to health. Many activities are taken us these days by the NGO to make sure that people are well informed about health rights. The following are certain activities which are undertaken:

  1. Research: Constantly trying to improve the quality of services available, the efficiency and the quickness are all matters which matter! Thus, research is done to make sure that people get these facilities on time and that too effectively.
  2. Education: Conducting camps and seminars which educate people and provide them proper food and water is required these days.

Work done by government and NGOs:

  1. Creation of community toilets: Government and NGOs have started building community toilets in developing and third world countries so that people don’t have to go and defecate in the open at places like jungles and farms.
  2. Providing water connections: Organizations see to it that there is a proper water supply going in every house and that there is no leakage. Also, water tankers are sent at places where there is shortage of water.
  3. Providing food at subsidized rate: The government brings out various schemes for people to give them food at a subsidized rate so that everyone gets proper food to eat and gets a balanced nutrition.