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Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Economic, Social and Cultural rights are a division of the human rights. Almost 6 decades ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights took place which ensured that everyone in the world, regardless of social background, culture, race, caste, creed and economic stability be given equal rights. Economic, cultural and social rights were granted and were a part of the charter. Economic rights encompass the right to work, the right to education and so on. Social rights include the right to a good housing society, security, right to food, and cultural rights include rights for certain cultural groups as well as minorities.

Economic, social and cultural rights are terms too huge and require to be defined properly. At the ICESCR (a convention on the basic rights to be granted to humans as citizens of this planet), most of the countries participated and ratified the charter. The treaty signed by the participating nations is legally binding by force, and grants certain rights to humans across the globe. They are as follows:

  • Work Rights: Providing decent working environment and making sure no one is exploited at work are some of the things taken into consideration. Also, forced labour is shunned and looked down upon, and people can legally seek protection. Workers have the right to form their groups and unions.
  • Right to Education (RTE): The right to education ensures that children get free primary education so that they start inculcating learning and reading habits right from the start. Also, schemes like mid-day meals where under privilege children get free meals are used to ensure people get some incentives to come to college.
  • Cultural rights pertain to minority groups who should be allowed to celebrate their festivals and be allowed live in peace and with dignity in places where majority group resides.
  • Right to housing ensures that people get proper living conditions wherever they purchase a residence. Also, people should have equal access to renting and purchasing property.
  • Right to food scheme sees to it that no one is denied of nutrition. People have the basic right to be free from hunger and enough ways to get the food that will satiate their hunger.
  • Right to water and sanitation is present for people. Water should be accessible for day to day activities and the government of a country should ensure that such facilities are provided to the citizens.