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Dance therapy

Music and dancing during the whole history and everywhere in the  world has allways been the most popular way of entertainment and celebration. This is the first indication that the dance is not just a way of expression and entertainment, but an inner human need to defuse the body and the mind. Indeed, the dance according to all modern studies is one of the most effective methods for physical and mental health and balance.

Regarding physical health, especially if the dancing is intensive and fast, Like Modern dance, salsa, latin, Hip hop, traditional etc. is one of the best aerobic exercises and exercises the body without strain (especially if there is suitable shockproof floor) In addition to burning fat, strengthening and tightening of the muscles, gives elasticity, balance and helps to correct and elegant posture. The dancers always are said to have well-shaped bodies and beautiful style.

Apart from exercise for the body, is one of the best means of psychological relief and uplifting. Dance like other art forms, is proved to significantly contribute to the elimination of stress and the development of good psychological mood. Of course music which always accompanies also has a crucial role for that. To fight stress researches have shown that one of the most effective methods is to engage in dances like the Argentine Tango, the bachata and the waltz that have relaxing and romantic rhythm. Couples In particular, the benefits are even greater since achieved strengthening the relationship and physical and mental communication.

In what areas can benefit dance our health; In too many, even in things that are not obvious. For example, according to the British health organization,  just 30 minutes of dance a week reduces the risk of heart attack by 50% and reduces the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer in percentage reaching 76%.

Dance therapy starts becoming very popular as it has shown great results. There are even experts in dance therapy all over the world. But if you can’t afford, you can also do it on your own! You can find more info at American dance therapy association. In Greece Dance and art center of Crete has been the first dance and art center for physical and mental health through dancing and arts.

But dance is not only fun and health. Social dances like salsa, latin, Argentine Tango, LIndy hop etc are a great tool for socialzation. You have the chance to meet and dance with people and furthermore the common interests and activities unite people even more. And if some people believe that dancing is not for everybody it is very wrong. Old people, people in bad physical shape, disabled people, all can dance.  Let’s end this article with a video of girl without feet dancing Argentine Tango.